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Complaint: A Mr. Taylor from this Company Called me White Trash, now if this was on the other foot this would be all over the NAACP, I as a Consumer do not need to be called anything by anyone from this Company this was not the whole conversation, This Violation of my rights to the Attorney of the Firm you Sir should be ashamed of yourself and your workers, Your nothing but a crappy person, I have reported this to the BAR of NY you have mutable complaints with the Financial Consumer laws of NY, I asked everyone to sue this man and his Company, he does not own these accounts he buys them in lots of thousands he does not prove to you that you own them which by Federal Law he has too. Now to Mr. Taylor if this is your real name you will be sued too. Now call another person a name or threaten them over the phone this is illegal. To the Attorney I hope they sanction you and dis-bar you.

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 17 Squadron Blvd, New City, NY 10956 new york, New York United States of America



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