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I decided to use North Cash and requested $500. I was told that my interest rate would be $150. I was told that my payments would be $150 & the 1st one goes towards my interest. I decide to call a month 1/2 later to make sure that I was close to paying my balance of $650 off. When the gentleman got on the phone he explained that $125 went to my “principle” & $25 would go to my loan. I asked that he set me up to take $200 vs $150 for my next payment. Realizing that 3 payments of $150 + the $200 totaling too $650. Something told me to call and make sure my balance is over. Another gentleman then told me that my balance was $585 & that my loan was set up for 35 payments but never gave me an amount. Never once did the young lady in our initial conversation explain to me that $125 of $150 of my 1st 4 payments would go towards my principle & remaining would go towards my balance. So with that being said I have to pay 1250 (the initial $650 + $585) before they decided to freeze my account. I think I’m going to take this to court! .

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