Northside Propane Review


Our experience is that this company grossly overbills, practices deceptive pricing, and provides horrible account service. We contracted with Northside Propane about 5 years ago to provide propane to our restaurant. We got bids from a number of companies, and Northside came in the lowest. They pledged to bill us a fixed rate over a stated index (Belleview). After the first few months, we noticed that they were billing far more than was stated, and they refunded us the difference. We got busy, had some management turnover, and did not check their bills until early this year. When we did check it again, we were shocked at how they steadily increased their billings each month way over the index they said they would use. These overbillings were over $12,000. When we tried to reach the owner/manager, they would not return calls. | We were never rude or unprofessional to them in any way they just would not call back. After many attempts, I finally got through on a number they did not recognize. The General Manager agreed that we had been overbilled and offered a credit for just the prior six months of overbillings, an amount of $1,268. We took the credit but then asked them to credit back to when the overbillings started again. We even offered to allow them to credit it back over a period of time. These overbillings amounted to over $12,000 in total. The General Manager refused to credit anything more than just the prior 6 months of overbilling. | He acknowledged that they again overbilled us, but then refused to make it right. I then tracked down the owner, Paul Gratton, and he asked me to send our analysis of the overbilling; I did so, and then he would not return my calls. We have cancelled our service with Northside Propane and urge consumers to be very careful about doing business with this company. They did provide product to us on a timely basis, but way overcharged for it. Check your billings against other companies if you are using Northside Propane you may be shocked.


  • Name: Northside Propane
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Lutz
  • Address: 17602 U.S. 41
  • Phone: 813-949-4286
  • Website:

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