Northstar Services, Inc. Review


I am unemployed and having trouble finding work. I saw an ad on the internet about how you can make money on your own by cleaning dryer vents by Northstar Services for 385.00. I bought the how to CD, kit, and the main part of the fee was to go for advertising, where Northstar would hook you up with customers. Well, I did not receive any calls, and after viewing the CD, I realized that the cleaning jobs were OUTSIDE! It was early Jan.,(2015) and COLD! I was not able to perform the tasks, and, therefore did not make any money. This little detail was left out of Northstar’s advertising; they were too busy exclaiming about all the tons of money you would make. I had signed a contract, and the Company stated that they did not give refunds, which they told my credit card company. After a lot of backand forth, my card company said that I had to pay because a contract was involved, however, I only had to pay 160.00. For someone who is out of work 160.00 is a lot of money. If I had had all the facts, I would have made an educated decision about buying the “business opportunity”. I would not have bought a program that required you to work outside. Northstar was dishonest in their advertising and I’m out 160.00. I would probably be out 385. if it weren’t for my credit card company!!!! .

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