Northwest Youth Services Review


Northwest Youth Services illegally evicts youths with 3 hours notice. | My Stepson was illegally evicted by Sara Airoldi with only a few hours notice over a noise complaint. I told Sara this is illegal as there is due process to any eviction. Sara told me her organization is exempt from RCW 59.18 due to RCW 59.18.040(1). She showed me paperwork stating this exemption. Then one of Sara’s accomplices threatened to change the locks on his door. | Sara showed up at 11am to evict my Stepson and demanded the keys. She had two cohorts with her and they threatened to change the locks. We had to move all his belongings in hours under duress. There was no time to read the laws as they said they had the right to change the locks. | They lied. RCW 59.18.040 (1) states: | RCW 59.18.040 Living arrangements exempted from chapter. The following living arrangements are not intended to be governed by the provisions of this chapter, unless established primarily to avoid its application, in which event the provisions of this chapter shall control: | (1) Residence at an institution, whether public or private, where residence is merely incidental to detention or the provision of medical, religious, educational, recreational, or similar services, including but not limited to correctional facilities, licensed nursing homes, monasteries and convents, and hospitals | Northwest Youth Services Bellingham collects hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to house homeless youths; yet, the reality is they house very few, pay themselves hamsonly, and illegally evict teenagers with only a few hours notice over noice complaints. | Sara Airoldi and must be under the illusion that they are a correctional facility detaining youths because they are not running licensed nursing homes, monasteries and convents, or hospitals | Thank you for reading


  • Name: Northwest Youth Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • City: Bellingham
  • Address: 1020 N State St
  • Phone: 360-734-9862
  • Website:

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