Not at all worth it! Useless!


I don’t know what this is. But yes, definitely they have been polite even the managers but unfortunately still there is nothing that this product has done. It is supposed to be keeping it is supposed to be cutting down the wheat definitely and obviously keeping my appetite low, but that hasn\’t been done. It is supposed to support my digestive system. Right? Well every day I wake up with headaches and feeling was and the previous day on top of the headaches. I’ve been running to the bathroom constantly and a lot of bloating and stomach pain that is going on. It is correcting the digestive system, but this is not the way to correct it. Is that is it is correcting? I we almost 300 pounds I Heavy, but still there is no change even after I almost finished the whole bottle. I am not at all satisfied with the product that they are offering or whatever. They are offering but yes, definitely it hasn\’t have been anyhow. I still am heavy weight. I have not been able to reduce. It has almost been a month. It hasn\’t helped me in my digestive system as well. All that I do is drink a lot of water. There is all even I was promised that I would get a refund for the amount because it hasn’t been 90 days, but I haven\’t there are definitely a lot of Side effects of this product. I would not be recommending this product to anybody unless and until this is recommended by a physician because I’m not a physician. So I will not be recommending this product. And since I did not have any fruitful results from this product, I will not be recommending it to anybody. This is just definitely did not turn out very well so not worth it.

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