Notary Rotary Review


For the past 11 years I have made attempt after attempt to try and have Traci and Harry Shoemaker remove a slanderous blog posted by one of their notaries by the name of Lisa Prestegard. They have it linked to my company, me as an individual, and employees of my company. This blog was filled with inaccuracies, foul language, and untruths, and does not tell the complete story of events that took place. It is totally one sided. The blog involves a notary that is associated with notary rotary by the name of Lisa Prestegard we contracted over 11 years ago to have some documents signed. After agreeing on a price, which was the same price charged by other notaries at that time, Lisa went to clients home. had documents signed, she scanned documents in and send them to us. We waited on the original documents to arrive from DHL which took several days instead of overnight as promised. We paid Lisa in advance though Pay Pal which charged my AmEx card. A month later when I reviewed my statement to pay, there was a charge form a company I did not recognize. I think it was for a (dog grooming service?) So I disputed the charge as I donít own a dog. .. a few days later I got a call from Lisa upset that I canceled her payment. I told her I did not recognize the name or I would have allowed the charge to go through. I immediately send her a check to cover the misunderstanding. Even after everything was rectified, and Lisa received her money, she complained about me on the notary rotary web site blog. | People were soon calling me saying they read a highly placed comment when searching my company name and may name saying in bold caps, BEWARE! I could not file a rebuttal as you had to join and be a member of Notary Rotary service to be able to make an entry. I finally had to use my notary, join her service just to file a rebuttal. I was shocked by the foul language, profanity and unprofessionalism used by lisa Prestegard in the blog. I hope this is not a reflection of her personality and how she treats her clients. What took this to another level was the fact that the blog was not an internal blog for members, but a well optimized search engine that broadcasted these derogatory comments across the web for anyone to see. Seo was so good that any time my name, or anyone in the companyís name was searched, this blog would appear. | I contacted Traci Shoemaker the owner of notary rotary and requested that she take this down. I pointed out the inaccuracies and she agreed, she would just have to run it by her husband Harry Shoemaker. weeks went by, I called several times a day, send numerus emails but never received and answer. or a response. I was very professional and courteous at all times. What is most troubling is that anyone of notary rotary members that publishes anything about any one in anyway on this internal blog will have there comments broadcasted and tied to that individual, permanently slandering there name, with no ability to respond. Traci seems unresponsive in policing these posts and actually encourages these posts, and will not allow rebuttals as they do here.


  • Name: Notary Rotary
  • Country: United States
  • State: Iowa
  • City: Des Moines
  • Address: 500 New York Ave
  • Phone: 877-349-6588
  • Website:

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