After signing for a trial membership with this Internet outfit, I tried, within the allotted three days to cancel this trial membership before being charged $99 for a full month subscription, I find that I cannot access their web site in any way today. Nor do I have a phone number to reach them in order to cancel my membership with them that way. I fully expect now, after reading all the complaints about this company that, after making it impossible for me to reach their web pages in order to cancel within the allotted three days, that they will try to take $99 from my account, claiming they are not responsible for any Internet or web site problems. I did find a way to send this company an email, and in it I told them that I had time and date stamped screen shots proving that their web site is unavailable to me, and requesting to cancel via email instead. I also told them in that email that I would be turning any attempt they make to collect $99 despite my inability to reach their web site over to my bankruptcy lawyer, so they may as well settle for the fact that they won”t be getting any money from me. It”s not available to them via the bank account number they have on file, and I won”t be held responsible for glitches at their end in accessing their web site in order to cancel via the means they told me I could do that.

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