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Complaint: In June 2014 I took my car in for a check engine light and a tune up. Tune up was done; check engine light they said was a part that was also replaced. Cleared codes by unplugging the battery. July 2014 I took my car in for a check engine light and they said the part they replaced was not SEATED correctly so they did that. August 9, 2014 I took my car in for a check engine light. Left the car at 7:30 am with them and they said they would check it out and call me with the cost. I called them a couple of times to see if it was ready and they called me at 1:55 pm and said to give them 20 minutes to put it back together and then come to get it. PUT IT BACK TOGETHER??? – you are supposed to be reading the code and calling with the results but now you are saying I need a new gas tank and I don’t know what you were authorized to take apart because we didn’t discuss doing anything. So, I told you to get it ready I’m coming to get it. So far I’ve been speaking with Jeremy. I arrive at 2:30 pm and find my car in the garage and up on the rack lifted to the ceiling. We wait and wait and no one comes with my car so I go to the garage to check to see why it is taking so long and my car is coming down on the lift and the light under the hood is out and one person is grabbing for the jumper cables and I asked what they were doing and why was the battery dead. They said that they were going to jump it off and I said NO, that is a fairly new battery and I am not having it charged up so you will need to replace it because it didn’t come in here like that and why would ANY mechanic leave the hood open all day with the lights running the battery down. They tell me they will go next door to OReilly’s where I bought the battery with my information and check on a replacement battery. They come back to have a side bar with James the MGR and I asked what was wrong and they said my battery was not under warranty. I went next door and asked them if NTB asked about my battery and they said they brought my battery and put it on their charger and it would be ready in about 10 more minutes. We discussed the battery and OReilly’s replaced it and we took it back to NTB and put it in the car & their mechanic tightened it back down in the car. They brought my car to the front of the store in about 45 minutes and I said to the Mgr James there is a ding in my car & it’s shining metal. I walked around my car & there is oil all over the car everywhere & grease is on the running boards and in the drivers door and the drivers floor board as well as on the steering wheel. The gray carpet is brown grease looking. I left with disgust but told James someone was going to have to take care of the damages to my car. I called him back to get the Dist Mgr, Randy Dickens name and number. I called him and told him I was taking photos and he gave me his email to send the photos to him. One of the photos when you zoom in on a computer appears to be a tennis shoe print of grease on the passenger door where someone has kicked the door shut. REMEMBER – they are only supposed to be checking to see on the code why the check engine light is coming on. NOT OPENING ANY PASSENGER DOORS; THE HOOD; THE GAS LID OR ANYTHING ELSE. Just run the code and call me. Randy tells me he will work on this and get back with me. He stays in touch with me and puts me in contact with his mechanic at NTB Rockwall to see about the check engine light. They run the smoke test and there is a pin hole int he gas tank. So, I find a used tank and they pick it up for me and we take it back for the install and to replace the part they previously put in because it is not working properly. I pick the car up from them and everything is fine & have not had the light come on since. Around 8/19/14 Randy turned this over to the insurance co for NTB which is Darlene Golden-Gregory with Sedgwick CMS / PO BX 14565 / LEXINGTON, KY 40512 (877)726-7972 x-76725. It was 9-15-14 before the adjuster came to look at my car. By this time after 38 days I have washed the car and tried to get the grease out of the carpet leaving some remnants of the claim but not enough to get on my shoes and track in my home or anywhere else since it has been so long waiting. The adjuster comes out and begins talking about an oil leak in my car and a foot print dent in the door. NO, let’s start over. There is a shoe print of grease on the door in the original photos and there is a ding in the door that is on the rock guard and went down to the metal of the car. There is no oil leak in my car but must have been a grease leak at NTB Forney that day. He takes photos of under neath my car. ??? On 10-27-14, which was 80 days after the inital damages the insurance company denies the claim for $860.85 in damages to my vehicle because it wasn’t related to anything in their shop. So, I had a dent / grease free car and now I have a dent / grease car because they don’t WANT to pay a claim. So, it is my responsibility. How is this not cut and dry when someone in that shop knows they made a very poor error in judgment and with the holding of my vehicle that day and they ran the battery down and they get $100+ per hour for labor. What about my $100+ per hour for dealing with this 88 days as of today. Randy is still trying to help me but today it began with if we get the cost of repairs paid then you need to “make a deal”” to where you can get your car repaired and a rent car all in one. Who can tell the body shop what to charge so I can have money left over to get a car. If I put in the shop I can’t tell them how long to keep it either. I DON’T WANT TO BE OUT MONEY – TIME – ETC WHEN THIS IS NOT MY FAULT. Yes

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Address: I can turn this in on my insurance but then my insurance goes up. It’s a Catch 22 and I am trusting Randy to take care of a customer. I know things happen. Just make it right and we all move on. I am very pleased with their Rockwall location and will continue my business with them. Please don’t treat me like I am a liar. Just fix it. It happened while I was home waiting on your phone call and someone knows what they did but of course they are not going to admit it. But I am not going to lie on the pictures either.”


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