NTB National Tire & Battery Review


Just about every catagory of sale’s and service with these TBC Corp owned franchises is a failure in customer service. From the tire’s suffering early dry-rot to the uncertified mechanic tire jockey’s not balancing the tire’s at all/balancing them incorrectly. Tire rotation’s not being done correctly, etc., etc.. At the addressed shop, the manager even spoke about how he ws ‘drinking buddie’s’ with the previous shop manager. The mechanic’s have ‘attitude’ involving over filling your engine oil crankcase to not properly installing a simple bulb replacement causing damage to the front headlamp assembly. Then, after the tire’s become ‘out of round’ because the shop failed with the required balancing/rotation cycle’s to ensure the ‘life-span’/warranty with the tire’s sold to you, they play ‘the blame game’ – everything is all/alway’s your fault and want you to pay pay pay for the replacement tire’s needed to fix the failure’s that they create(d). With endless scapegoating. When contacting the TBC Corp about it, detailing the truth about what goes on and on in gross negligence at these Merchant’s Tire/NTB shop thru out the NOVA region, they end up hanging up in your ear, stating that their legal team has instructed them not to speak to you. They refuse to answer any email inquiry’s sent as well. Total disrespectful activity compiled upon more of same. Any parts they sell you are ‘after-factory’ cheap one’s that are rusting within two week’s of installation ( strut’s/shocks/coil spring’s/tie rod ends, etc. ) Way overcharging for not only the part’s, but for how long it take’s to do the work at anywhere from $112 to $135 an hour for the labor. The horrible experiences I suffered after being suckered into my first tire purchase at the Fairfax City Merchant’s Tire on FX Blvd. at Meridith Drive via the NTB in Chantilly, VA. ( Willard Rd. & Rt. 50/Lee Jackson Memorial Hgwy?) and then, in ‘desparation’ – ending up going to the listed Sterling site – where they simply – to say it ‘short’ here – commenced into literally stealing from me. Making ‘sale’s-pitch’ promises they obviously never intended to keep. The listed Sterling shop was newly built. At first ‘glance’ – it looked immaculently well kept and clean – just a few 3 year’s ago or so. Yet, now, you can see how it is turning into a/the usual filthy mess in which IS a depiction of how bad the service at shops like these, is. They allow un-certified ‘trainee’ mechanic’s to wonder around – ‘hoovering around’ your auto and the certified mechanic that ends up not doing the work correctly and your auto ends up getting damaged. Knocking and dropping your hub caps on the concrete floor. Scraping them up. The list of horribly time consuming experience(,s) just goes on and on. Involving auto insurance claims, dispute cases with your credit card company’s, their ingoing denials of wrong doing and scapegoating. I would have to write up a novel here with stacks if estimates, itemized billing receipts showing everone the most proving evidence of what I am detailing in truth here.


  • Name: NTB National Tire & Battery
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Medina
  • Address: 3083 Medina Rd
  • Phone: 1-800-741-7261
  • Website: www.ntb.com

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