Nutra Force LLC Tacoma Washington Review


First, this company has charged me and sent product that I did not want and did not order. Originally I was going to try the free trial of their product by paying shipping only, but changed my mind as I was concerned it might be a ripoff outfit. I backed out of the website. I thought that I was in the clear because I did not order this and the form would be cleared. Now they continue to charge me and send me more product I do not want and didn not order! I have tried to send Emails and call them with no response. I sent back the first 4 bottles sent to me this includes the sample that was saposed to be free. I paid for return shipping and want a full reimbursement for all costs! Now this is causing me time I donu00b4t have and monies I did not agree to giving them! They are Stealing from me and will not stop! Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

3201 W Hillsborough Ave # 153201-1157 Tampa, Florida USA

Credit Card Fraud

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