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On September 9, 2016 I had ordered a trail product for a friend. As of today 9/21/2016 I had not received the trail but did not sweat losing $4.00 and some change. On today I noticed that my account was charged twice for $79.68 from Epic Diet and $78.64 from Nutranow. I did not authorize those charges. I called to Nutranow and explained to the CSR that I did not receive the product he stated that it was delivered to my address through USPS on 9/14. Again I stated to him that I didn’t receive it and how I can get my refund for the full price of the product? After going back and forth Jonathan stated to me that there is nothing he can do and hung up the phone. As I was going thru my account I notice Epic Diet had took money out of my account for 79.68$ which is a sister company of Nutranow. I spoke to a Tyrell who was very helpful in trying to assist me he canceled my order and stated he could only give me back 25% of the purchase price. Although I felt better in him as he assisted me way better than Jonathan who is out in Texas as what I was told from Tyrell. I would like my full Refund of 158.32$ as I did not receive the product nor did I authorize the charges. It was stated that the terms were in the email and order form for the trial period and even if it was shouldn’t that information come with the product? I certainly would’ve hope so but since I didn’t receive the product it slipped my mind that I even requested the trial product. Anything you can do to help me with getting my full refund back from these ripoff services I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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