Nutrimost Cleveland Review


NutriMost promises a one-hour consultation (usually $99) for $27 in which they will create a PERSONALIZED plan just for you. Essentially, for your $27, they weigh you and tell you that their program costs nearly $2000 and “how would you like to pay for that today?” If you sign up, THEN you’ll get the personalized program. You get nothing but weighed and the sales pitch for $27. I hope no one was foolish enough to pay the regular fee of $99!!! They also claim that their program costs less per pound than all other programs out there. They guarantee women will lose 20 pounds. So at nearly $2000, that’s $100/pound. I don’t know of any other program that costs that much to lose weight and all other programs I’ve encountered at least let you hear about their program for free. They don’t charge you to get information. I asked for a refund of the $27 and they would not give one. I’ll be following up with the Better Business Bureau next. .

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