NVR Mortgage Review


We had applied to them regarding a mortgage for a home with Ryan Homes in South Carolina, Greenville. We were moving from Florida at the time. They repeatly said there was no problem getting the mortgage with them. They even made us pay $550.00 on a home for an inspection. They knew that it was not going through with the mortgage. They made us move from Florida with the knowledge that the house was ours. Then they kept on stalling us every time we spoke to them when we got to South Carolina. The persons name with which we spoke to was a John Kannady. I then found out that this company did this to other customers and did the same thing to them. I wrote to South Carolina’s District Attorney but I got no response to my complaint. | I would like this company to be on the list of your Rip Off Scam site to prevent it happening again. You can inform them that I want my $550.00 back because it was not for a down payment but an inspection on the home that we never got into. Since then we have moved back to Florida. We will never do any business with Ryan Homes or this company ever again.


  • Name: NVR Mortgage
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maryland
  • City: Columbia
  • Address: 9720 Patuxent Woods Drive
  • Phone: (410) 540-8873
  • Website: www.nvrmortgage.com

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