NWDC LLC Gresham Oregon


Complaint: NWDC LLC is a total ripp off I am currently working there i have been there for a few weeks haven’t gotten paid and they said they might 10% me because i have health issues but i guess working is more important. which means that i will only get 10% of my check. When i saw there ad on craigslist i thought the pay sounded good but they never put what there company was or what i would be doing. and when i called they just said “personel”” i mean really??? so i got to the interview and there was nothing about the job when you go into the office it is just blank with nothing but two pictures on the wall and chairs. it was something out of a weird movie. then i got the application and they wanted a bunch of info about my car and my social. then “”John the interviewer said that it was the kirby company and that I was being hired for a sales rep. not a canvasser. so i was happy about that because i wouldn’t have to go door to door getting the door slammed in my face. but when the “”none paid orientation”” was over guess what i had to do.. go door to door. John also said that we would have a base pay of 1800 a month even if we didn’t sell a kirby once that month. well that is only if we get 15 demos a week other wise we get absolutly nothin. do you understand how hard it is to get 15 demos in a week??? HARD. as well as the owner of the branch never listening to you its his way or the high way. The managers there are very rude and obnoxious. this is supposably a “”TEAM”” job where we have to support eachother and be POSITIVE all the time but that is a crock of s**t. the managers don’t want you to succeed. they dropped me off in the middle of downtown portland! I have never been there and I am not from around here. I was like WTF. just because i needed to take a break because my health issues were acting up she told my boss i didn’t want to work at all the rest of the day! Everyone there is a liar and deciever

Tags: Sales People

Address: do not work for this company if you wee an add on craigslist that says get opportunity and it doesn’t say anything about the job all it says is 1800 a month.. do not call them please.”


Phone: 2144 ne burnside rd Gresham, Oregon United States of America

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