Nyc Finance Dept Parking Violations Review


This is an outrage against humanity the new york city parking violations or finance dept as bloomberg has it to be waits until people get their taxes and then go out to rob everyone. This parking violations center now have the authority to collect on red light violations. the cameras are a rip off they shoot the picture even when you have not crossed the red light only by getting passed the white line and you have a camera go ff. recently I was parking my vehicle during the first snow storm and i put my signal light to the right to park my vehicle and and for 10 seconds I stepped ouyt of the vehicle to check the ice behind me and was given the ticket. I never saw the thief and no one around me saw him it appear that he was very quick and came like a thief in the night and ran out. this is the psychotic behavior of the criminals who run this city government. some one should do something about this terrorists who want to blame terrorism on some one else. It is an outrage and then people call other incidents holocaust they are bringing serious concequences to this place. How long can people stand for the abuse. later I got a white witch judge from hell to impose the parking violation. I have been paying tickets like this to new york city for the past 10 or 15 years. not everyone has the amount of money to pay for this kind of madness. SOCIAL RETARDS, SOCIOPATHS It is a fact that you will blow yourselrs away when you have technology more advance than social development you are bound to destroy others. the last is loosing your vehicle to the city of new york who sell your vehicle in an auction 10 days later if you can not pay the ff the vehicle sells for 3 or 4 thousand dollars more you will never get the money back and if you do you will have to fight very hard to get THIEVES .

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