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This number, 414-386-2323, called 2 days ago, on January 22, to inform me of a lawsuit filed against me for outstanding fees on loans that I NEVER received. He claimed his name was Mike Torres, and called my work to get to me rather than my cell phone. I wanted to do some research, but had no access to a computer at the time.
The man that called me was rude to say the least. He read my “case” once, and demanded I pay right then and there or they’d take legal action. I asked him to wait until the next day, as I was at work and had no way of paying at the time. He agreed. When I was about to ask what methods of payment I could use, he hung up on me, mid-sentence.
The next day, he called at 8:13 AM requesting that I go to the nearest RITE-AID to make the payment. I asked what company they were from and he refused to answer. I had no way of researching the number at the time, so I went to RITE-AID and thought they might be affiliated somehow. The clerk knew nothing about it so I called Mr. Torres back. I had to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak and load it with $210.00 to pay him. No credit cards accepted. I asked him if he could read my “case” to me one more time so I could fully understand and make sure I wasn’t missing anything. HE REFUSED. He said, “No, I’m not going to repeat things over and over again. It’s not my job to do that.” When it is, in fact, HIS JOB. I told him exactly that. “Actually, it is your job, and it is my right to hear my case as many times as I please.” He HUNG UP ON ME. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have paid, but I was panicking, as this is the first time I’ve ever had to deal with this. So I went ahead with loading the $210, called back, and Mr. Torres was gone, “starting the legal procedure.” His assistant, Kevin, took the numbers from the Moneypak and said he’d “try to convince them to accept the money” and that they’d send me a receipt of the payment. I received nothing.
Yesterday, I got a lovely wake up call from “911” saying there’s an outstanding warrant for me for 30 days in jail because I refused to pay fines to the people mentioned before.
That was when I started to really panic. I called Mike Torres again, he wasn’t there. Kevin picked up and had to call me back on another line because of the static, as he did every other time I called. He said the $210 was put on hold, and there was $652 remaining. He called them cancellation fees. Cancellation fees for services I NEVER USED. He said I had an hour and a half to pay them the money, or I would be sued for $8,000 and 16 months in prison.
I had $200 to my name and had to overdraw my checking account. My friends helped me out. Kevin asked that I go back to Rite-Aid and pay the same way as before. I had to use the suspicious MoneyPak. When it was finally over, they said they’d call within 30-35 minutes and send an email receipt. No such luck.
I was finally able to do some research. The number used, listed above, has many similar complaints about it. The only difference being that others were able to research this scam and weren’t tricked out of almost $1000. He seems to be claiming he’s from Oak View Law Group, though I doubt it’s true. I can’t pay any of my bills, and I’m in a load of debt because of this.. I demand Full repayment. Stay away

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