Oakmont Water Authority Review


I just recently moved to Verona from city of pittsburgh. My former water bill was pwsa and now is oakmont water and sewer. 2 weeks ago i just got my first bill for every 3 months, was appalled by the high digit i owe for their services. I was like no this has to be a mistake. my neighbors show me their bills and it was high as well. So i did some research and found that 20 years ago they had lawsuit against the company and some were arrested for dumping waste into the river. … so therefore all the residential has to pay up for their fines and fees. 20 years later we all are still paying high fine and fees. this should have come down by now. the total for 3 months was nearly 350 dollars!! my former pwsa was only 65 to 95 a month for both! | I still cant get over this bill and feels this is outrageous. 20 years total should have already paid it off. over millions or billions of dollars were already collected. time to bring it down and stop stealing our money for outrageous cost! | now i am wondering if anyone has filed class action with them before to help to bring down the cost? have they negotiate to bring it down? I rather they bring it down than to have class action lawsuit. its time to bring the prices down to reasonable pricing. stop robbing our community and our incomes.


  • Name: Oakmont Water Authority
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Oakmont
  • Address: 721 Allegheny Ave
  • Phone: 412-828-7220
  • Website: www.oakmontwater.com/

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