Off-Lease Avenue Review


To: | | 5481 creek rd | Cincinnati, oh 45242 | Telephone: | (513) 936-2340 | Thank you for your assistance in these matters, | We pray that with your help, after months of injustice that we may find reciprocity for the tortuous conduct of “offlease avenue”. | Please let me explain the events leading up to our current dilemma: | We have been a long time customer of “offleaseavenue”, dating back to 2006 when our first purchase was made. As a loyal and consistent customer we continued to purchase goods over the past 8 years with no remarkable anomalies. We enjoyed a good relationship with few incidents over the years. If when any issues with trade developed, we were always able to work around them in the continued spirit of good trade. | In early 2015, a change was made in the management at “offleaseavenue”…..where in an employee was promoted to the position overseeing the compilation/quality control/shipping and overall functions of the product which we were purchasing. | During the first few months of the “new employee’s” direction we experienced a severe decline in quality and accuracy of the product represented and sold to us. As example; on three occasions, the list of product represented and ultimately purchased was completely wrong and resulted in a cancellation of the order. Also; the quality of the product we purchased declined sharply, to a degree where we experienced loss due to misrepresentation of condition. | Our attempts to reconcile were met with an attitude never experienced over our previous 8 years of trade. That being a complete denial and refusal by “offleaseavenue” to acknowledge and/ or offer any assistance in/or addressing discrepancies experienced in our purchases. | Succinctly, a rider was added to their standard purchase order form exclaiming” as is-no returns” | Additionally; were over the past 8 years we were always welcomed to inspect our purchases prior to pick up at the warehouse; we were banned from doing so, and were expected to accept the merchandise “as is-no return” without inspection. | After repeated mistakes by “offlease avenue” it was becoming very difficult to continue trade under these conditions. | Experiencing repeated loss by mistakes on the part of “offleaseavenue”, not withstanding, it is but the following error which brings us to the actions being taken at this time, and the cause for such actions. | In early 2015, we were made aware that “offleaseavenue” had mistakenly shipped our product to atlanta. Ga. | It wasn’t until the atlanta, ga. Company made inquiry to “offleaseavenue” as to the nature of the equipment included with their purchase that “offleaseavenue” was made aware of their error. | After acceptance of delivery by the recipient in atlanta, ga,” offleaseavenue” asked that it be returned. Since “offleaseavenue” had no idea what they had mistakenly shipped they instructed the company to attempt to match a few asset tag #’s to correlate and ascertain which of the lists of product might have been mistakenly contained on the shipment to atlanta, ga. | The correlation was made and instructions to return product containing asset tags included on the list provided by “offleaseavenue” was agreed upon. | The atlanta, ga. Company did return product, but only after months of searching and after repeated attempts to find our product was it eventually recovered. | The recovered product from the atlanta, ga. Company was not the quantity/quality /condition or type of product we paid for. | Our list of “missing equipement” includes assets on two (2) orders, of which fragments of were included in the recovered equipment. | The list of product to be returned by the atlanta, ga company, provided by “offeaseavenue” only included one (1) of two (2) lists that were mistakenly shipped to atlanta, ga. The second list being assimilated into the atlanta, ga. Company’s inventory along with much of the second list. | In summary; a shipping error by “offleaseavenue” has resulted in the loss of our equipment. And, after repeated attempts to reconcile with the company, we are met with denial, rejection and unacceptable rhetoric on the part of “offleaseavenue”., claiming no responsibility for our loss. | Our prayer today is that we find fairness in our trade and recover from the mistake made by “offleaseavenue” by way of replacement of our missing product.


  • Name: Off-Lease Avenue
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Cincinnati
  • Address: 5481 Creek Rd
  • Phone: (513) 936-2340
  • Website:

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