Officer John Harris Review


I’ve gotten alot of calls from foreign sounding men pretending to be from the IRS demeanding money in broken English so bad that you can barely understand what is being said over the phone. (I block all numbers on my phone. This guy left a voice msg saying that the local police will be arresting me for not paying money after repeated mail to my address. (Which I have not received.) He even gave dates that he claimed they were sent, and I said that I keep all mail in files, and did not receive anything….Did you send to correct address? | This guy gave me his “Badge Number, IR2014-82” | Case Number, DC7479 | Warrent Number? 0010951462300 | He said I had 3 counts of IRS Fraud against me, and the only way I could avoid the police arresting me was to pay the “court fee”, to cancel the warrent of $675. ZHe claimed he had the court on a party call, and I asked if I could talk with them, and he ignored it and I heard nothing from the supposed court on the call to make arrangements to cancel the warrent for my arrest. | I told him I’m on SSI and make less than $8000 a year, and he said that the max I can make is $6000 a year so I owe, $3,961. I told him that my rent alone is more than I get a year!Plus I pay bills, and foodstamps does not cover non-food items which I have to buy with the money every month. I do not have a car, and my disabled mother drives 6 hours once a month to take me grocery shopping. I myself was in a horrendous car accident in 2005 that crushed my foot and knee among other injuries. | He gave me lots of options to make a payment today to stay out of prison. One of them was to go on the internet and buy an Apple ITunes card. I was panicked as the information and affidavit he read seemed far more real than previous phone calls, but oddly, the voice seemed the same as the previous calls over the years claiming to be the IRS in extremely broken English. | As I looked up the Apple Card that he was asking for, I typed his name into Google for a quick search, and LO and Behold!!!! His name popped up on another scam not linked to the IRS though!!! So, as I had him on the phone holding while I dutifully looked up the card he wanted me to “Get Out Of Jail Free” with, I read what was on him on this site! I read my findings to him, and he said that was not him, and gave me his COMMISSIONER’s name to look up as well. Commissioner John Koskimen, which he spelt out for me to look up. I did….Real name, real IRS Commissioner, but by this point I told him I didn’t believe him, and wanted to do some research first. He said if I hung up and did not pay him immediately, that the local police would come and arrest me immediately. | I HUNG UP…. | Word of warning here!!!!! | He will more than likely change his name, approach and information since he knows I found out online that he is a lying Fraudualent Scam Artist!!! | The number he called from was: (360)355-9829 | With another number left in the original msg for contact…sorry, my phone did not keep the transcribed msg after listening to it.


  • Name: Officer John Harris
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
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