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Complaint: I was sick with flulike symptoms for several days in the month of May. The symptoms seem to intensify on May 5th. I was extremely ill so I decided to go to the emergency room at Dublin Methodist Hospital around 11pm. I checked in and waited. Shortly after I arrived, a nurse or nurses aid brought me back and took my temperture and swabbed my throat. She said to go back and wait in the waiting room until they called me back. I proceeded to wait for over 4 hours. I kept checking with the gentleman at the desk and he said that they were just busy that night (there were only approximately 8 people there ahead of me). Finally after 4+ hours they called me back. Right when I walked back, I asked the nurse how much longer it would be before a doctor visited me. She said that it would be at least another two hours because there was only one doctor working that night. I told her not to check me in and I walked out right then and said that I could not wait any longer and I would just wait for urgent care to open and go there in a few hours. Here is the problem. I got a statement from my insurance company, Medical Mutual, and Dublin Methodist sent them a bill fro almost $1800.00 for services rendered. The problem is they did not really provide services. I am more then willing to pay the $400 for the lab fees (taking my temperature and swabbing my throat) because that was something that they actually did. I refuse to pay, or have my insurance company pay the other $1400 because they did not provice any services. They are trying to charge me $1400 for sitting in their waiting room for 4 hours.

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