Old River Cabinets, Inc Mechanicsville Virginia Review


So I went on the grand tour of the plant with the owner telling us how all of the wood is kept at constant humidy for shrinkage and then sanded with a predetermined grit so the finish will adhere properly. I kind of thought something was wrong when I saw a huge garage type door wide open at the other end of the plant. Then we went through the finish area where the mexicans were applying the hand rubbed finish to all of the cabinets. Very impressive! nReality is another animal. My cabinets came to me too large to fit the house so they sawed them up and brought some in. Then my contractor that happened to be there for a job he was finishing had to removed the entire door, including framing so they could get the rest of the cabinets and island into the house. I am still waiting for the money to pay him for his time. The cabinets were not all there either. The island was missing doors and drawers. The finisn on the cabinets had irregular places and missed spots. The bent a recessed light fixture trim and gouged out the ceiling and a wall in my entry hall. I’m glad I am having the kitchen repainted and floors finished. nBottom line is this; don’t buy the Smoke and Mirrors of the sideshow at the factory. In reality they are no better then any other cabinet company. nTomnMechanicsville, VirginiaU.S.A.

10051 Old River Drive Amelia, Virginia U.S.A.



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