Oliver Livon Orobosa


Canada, Liar Cheater Man

He states he is originally from Nigeria, spent 5 years in the UK, and then came to Canada three years ago to complete his masters. He is now here on a work visa. He will do anything and everything to use and manipulate women. He will try and make the women feel bad if they ever questions him or his intentions and will go crazy lengths to secure their trust. He lies and will go out of his way using God and his family to claim to be a decent guy who just wants to be in a serious mature relationship. We date from Oct. 2013 till a week ago. I found out during this time he had been using dating sites and facebook to hook up with women, he has a profile on basically every dating site that is free. He lies about his age to young girls and gives tons of misinformation about who he is, his life, and what he is looking for. He often states he is going to visit his uncle when he is meeting up with other girls. He has different pictures on some of the dating sites that are not even him. I do not totally understand what his game is except maybe trying to get married so he can get a visa as he proposed to me after 3 months. As well he will try and use you for money, rides, a place to live, or whatever he can get.This is what he says on his Evow profile.. he has three different pictures of people on it, none that are him. Name realfeeling1. On mingle his name is siroliver123.Iím here to meet a special girl who enjoys all aspects of life and takes pleasure of being in a healthy relationship. I have a good career which pays well and gives me the opportunity for future advancement. I really want to better myself and use all possibilities in life for advancement. I have a passion for being in a good shape and stay strong and healthy so I train as much as I can and eat healthy. Family is the most important thing in life for me cause thatís one thing that never can be replaced. When Iím not working I like to workout, swim, watch TV, or hangout with friends. I hope to meet someone especial In this site.there is so much to say , maybe you should just ask ..hope to hear from you .28a69efa..bbm

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