Olson Shaner Review


So i am just now finding out about this action against my husband and i brought against us BY OLSON and SHANER via Cyprus Credit union. | This account is several years old and is as a result of a transaction that we attempted to close with another transaction when our account (bank) was open and active. back 3 years ago the transaction and company in question refused to stop debiting from our account. Hence here we are – i do not believe really we personally ever used our account. Long story. | Apparently Cyprus credit union placed our account with THESE joke of a company who hired a process server to come serve us. We were not even home and knew nothing about what was going on till the other day when we got mail from them saying about a judgment and them wanting to and being granted a write of execution and so on. So you can imagine our surprise… They want to charge us all this interest, attorney fees and constable fees etc. for a principle balance with the credit union of less than $150 – the debt is now over $508 | My husband and i do not have any property like homes, boats, stocks or nothing that they would want…. | I feel the process serving and everything was done sloppy at best. | THEY ARE ALL ABOUT money and padding their firms accounts – don’t seem like they care about the consumer. | Do not get me wrong we pay our bills – we are not above that…. | It is just we deal with the creiditor direct and especially when we are getting or feel like this is INTIMIDATION… and when things are being done sloppy… | And not when fees are being added to make the debt more. Everyones fine print and everything companies put into contracts is a JOKE to trip up and stick it to the consumer. If you want terms and conditions spell it out. Don’t use FINE PRINT


  • Name: Olson Shaner
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • City: West Valley
  • Address: 1600 W 2200 S #100
  • Phone: 801-363-9966
  • Website: www.olsonshaner.com/

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