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Complaint: When I first moved to town. I responded to a customer service ad on indeed. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, Great pay, Good benefits, A Set schedule. Seemed harmless enough so when they called I jumped at the chance to interview. I was invited to a small office building in a downtown metropolitan area. I was buzzed in to a secure building and was met at another secured entrance and invited into a small and admittedly asthetic call center. I was ushered into a conference room by two ladies who shall FOR NOW remain nameless and asked about my experience In which I replied mainly customer service I was told that I would be doing sales for an auto company. That I would be basically be responsible for matching buyers and sellers. Sounded easy enough. So when I left the interview I checked the company name they really operate under. That FOR NOW will remain nameless and found nothing. I Was offered the job and reported to my first day of work. Spent about a week in the training room going over scripts and rebuttals. Still not knowing the companys true name or true operation. When I went downstairs for my “first break”” I was told by an employee in the building downstairs from this office that they were racists who didnt keep or retain african american employees. I shrugged that off. I soon realized that I was the only black there. The rest were white. I was COMPLETELY IGNORED by two of the customer service managers my first week there. I also learned that the seat they assigned me was assigned to two previous african american employes who were no longer there. When I finally was assigned to take my first call

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: It slowly dawned on me that I was supposed to sell this craigslist scam to a bunch of unsuspecting people who were trying to sell their cars on craigslist. I struggled with my conscience

Website: Or that man who listed his “”prize harley”” because their wife is going to have a baby. Listening to their stories. I couldnt do it.. I didnt do the job I didnt like what they did. I was coached and made to feel like a terrible person. My humanity was slipping. I spent most of my time talking people out of the service. Today was my last day. I was verbally abused lied on Iinterrogated and told I did not fit Iin with their environment. I was relieved Id been called the N word twice in two months. Yes part in ignorance but mostly in anger over there business practices. I feel redeemed Knowing that I cant I wont do anything for money. I didnt accept the gift cards….or the incentives to hurt another person. I left knowing that I couldnt stoop so low..thats why I know ill be ok.. Oh and I told them what I thought of them when I left Smile.”

Phone: and looked up the name from my script once driven. And my heart sank……i asked them about their reputation and asked them if they really sold cars. They spent the next two months trying to convince me that everything the internet said was a lie and they actually sold cars. Between the lack of diversity in the company Ie employees calling me “”their little black friend”” and the fact that I had no right to my own feelings an opinions were one thing. But to prey on the poor

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