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I compared prices on 1kl with ebay,etse and Chairish. 1KL FRAGMENTS IDENTITY Charges $425 for the identical pillow on etse for $49.99! They sell batik pillows that you can get for 65 on etse for 349 on 1kl. African indigo stripe pillow. 1kl 345, etse 49.99. Exact same pillow, same backing and same fill…total rip off.1kl says its originally priced at $600….Bull….! MIKE SERRATT has fake match strikers that he sells for for $ can find them on ebay and etse for 49.99 One kings lane is a big scam in my opinion.The ORIGINAL prices mean nothing… they are all made up. I read that they are going under…. about time they went away. I now shop on Chairish… go and compare. Even the SAME dealers selling the SAME item are selling it for way less on Chairish. I have compared dozens of items and they are almost all at least double on 1kl!

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