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Ordered shirt for my daughter over ten days ago. Cannot get any tracking information on th ewebsite. I sent three e-mails that were never answered as to the status of my order. I received an e-mail that said my order was complete and showed a tracking number. The shipping method was SP EXpress Economy Ground. This did not show up on search, so I tried Fedex, UPS and POstal service. The 22 digit tracking number was not found on anay package delivery site. I called the number provided with the e-mail to answer any questions with my order and they were absolutely no help. When I gave them the order number they repeated it back to me, then asked my name, address and phone number. The yrepeat everything back to you and ask you to hold every time you verify the spelling or numbers given. After several minutes of this charade I aske dif they saw my order, th ereply was please hold and then of course, they did not see my order. I asked what method they used to ship the order and was told to hold, then of course, there was a run around. I could not get an answer, I asked to speak to the supervisor and was told they were busy packaging orders. I asked wher they were located and was asked to hold, and the operator was reluctant to answer. It took two minutes before he blurted out Austin, TX. The time I called was @ 8 am EST so it would have been @ 6 am in Austin. When I asked if there were any supervisors in the building, he just repeated that they were busy packaging orders. I asked if he could just answer yes or no and he just repeated that they were busy packaging orders. When I told hom to cancel my order, I was told that he would have to put a request in and speak with his supervisor. Save your money and your sanity, steer clear of these scam artists. Anyone who cannot answer a yes o question is lying to you.

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