One Twenty Four, LLC Stafford Texas Review


Multi-level company sold a super food blend that was good tasting when I used the first time. Reordered another can and the second one had a very bitter, bad taste that could not be consumed. Actually, made me sick of the stomach. They have conference calls daily and many others complained about the taste as well. The phone number 321-248-6585 was called and there was no live person to answer any calls nor would anyone return my calls after leaving messages in Feb and March of this year. I emailed the support and requested to return the product and asked for a refund, because I could not stomach nor refer anyone else to drink this. nAn email was sent 2 weeks later stating, they would not refund and the product had changed, but no one mentioned that in the conference calls. Now the company is sending information out stating why we should accept the bitter taste and I received another email stating my account is permenantly closed. I had to place a stop payment through my bank and they tried to continue debiting my account, the bank had to cancel my bankcard and replace it. nAll I want is my refund for this bad product and all they want is more money and make people take something that is bad. They claim they are a part of Herbal Life and we all know that company has good products and a return guarantee policy. Any company should have a quality check department before it sends out food or anything and this company is a rip-off.

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