Online Plant Nursery Review


Think twice, even three and four times before ordering ANYTHING from this company. I ordered climbing vines and received an email that there was a “status change” in the delivery. I called and left several voicemails trying to figure out when they might ship. NO ONE ever called me back. I then emailed and left messages to cancel my order – then about 1 1/2 weeks later – I received a box of some pretty pathetic and sad looking bare root sticks!! I planted immediately. One month later, I still have brittle sick, looking sticks. Really a frustrating experience trying to find a telephone to call and talk to someone. By the way their voicemail gives an incorrect email address to contact Customer Service! I finally replied to a confirmation email they sent me. Their policy is NOT to refund – you can fill out a claim form (which I couldn’t locate on their pitiful website) and send the dead plants back. AND they will send you new plants. I assume they will also be dead!! I order online frequently and have never run into so much difficultly. Crap service equals crap product obviously!! What a scam!!!!!! lesson learned — Spend a couple bucks more and buy locally!!

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