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I am 76 years old. My wife I booked this cruise with Online Vacation Center on 12/9/2012. The trip will take place on 3/14/2013. My charge card was charged three times for a total $5098.38. During the booking, the agent was trying very hard to sell me the Travel Insurance, but he never told me if I cancel the Cruise, I will lose all my money. Anyway, after two weeks, on 12/23/2012, I found out we had some conflict with the cruise schedule and I called the agent to cancel the cruise. During the canceling of the cruise, the agent never told me I would be penalized for $3264.00. After I received the cancellation notice, the next day, I got another email telling me the penalty for cancelling is $3264.36. I cancel the cruise on 12/23/2013 and the trip will not take place until 3/14/2013. It is almost three months away from the cruise. I called the agent and he told me on the initial confirmation it stated the cruise cannot be cancelled after 5 business days of booking. And this was news to me during the booking and it was never discussed. And during the cancellation, he never told me the penalty of $3264.38. I believe this is not fair and I know I have to pay some fee for their trouble. One time I had to pay $250.00 to cancel a cruise. But the penalty is $3264.38 and this is outrageous. I believe the agent is not very honest in booking and cancelling of this cruise. I just wonder if you can help me to recoup some of my money.

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