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I stayed at these lodging rooms for nearly 2 months while waiting for my 1yr old baby’s Passport to be issued by Australia. I was alone with the baby because the baby’s mom went back to Vietnam caring for her sick Dad, while me and the baby were stuck in Thailand awaiting the baby Passport to be issued. I also happen to be in a wheelchair due to losing both my legs in a car accident in 1988. nInitially the stay was ok but the owners and their staff soon began to resent me because I wouldn’t buy their food. The reason was whenever I ate there, I got food poisoning. So I stopped eating there and began regularly buying food from the 711 up the road instead. I did occasionally buy soft drinks from their bar to be sociable, but our primary reason for being there was to pass the time quietly while waiting for the baby’s Passport. I mostly paid for any drinks at the time I had them. I don’t drink beer or alcohol, so it was just soft drinks maybe 2 to 3 times a week max. nAt the end of the first month they gave me a bill for drinks I never had. The bill was for $56 (1,680 Thai baht). I told them this must not be my bill because I’d only had a few cokes, and they got really hostile, insisting I owed them the money. I decided to pay them because I was leaving soon and didn’t want any problems, especially while the baby was with me. Then the same thing happened the 2nd month and when I refused to pay that $49 (1,480 baht) ‘bill’, they threatened me with a Taser and said I was accusing them of stealing. The boss Chris got very hostile to me and physically threatening me while I was in my wheelchair. I decided to immediately leave because it wasn’t safe there, and they said if I came back they would have me killed. They wouldn’t let me back in the room to get my things, I only managed to scoop up my backpack and the baby after phoning my taxi guy, they kept my Panasonic refrigerator full of frozen food, some small furniture items and most of my personal belongings including a 24 inch flat screen LCD TV. nThe owner Chris drinks excessively and (obviously) gets very angry if you question their billing. He has a handgun which he boasts is for protecting his staff from violent customers, but in the hands of a regularly drunk angry Dutchman…I think this is a disaster waiting to happen. I’m a former Police Officer from Australia (Federal AND State Police). I know a bad situation when I see it. I recommend you never go to this place, it’s not safe and you will be ripped off then threatened if you don’t pay up. I can’t say for sure but I think they also pad the electricity bills, because the second month I hardly used the air conditioning yet the bill was close to the same. nThe best way to remember not to go here is it’s located near “Lake Maprachan”” Pattaya

about 6km inland from the beach. The other reason you won’t like it is because of the sand fly problem in the afternoons/evening

but that’s not the reason I wrote this. Better off staying in an apartment on the beach. nAnyone is welcome to contact me about this; if I didn’t say anything about it I’d be part of the problem not part of the solution. Thailand may have somewhat less legal protections than we’re used to

but that doesn’t mean you should have to put up with people like this threatening you with violence and stealing money or your property. n”

70/6 Pong Pattaya Chonburi Internet United States of America

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