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I had Ordered a spotting scope from these folks a few years ago, and had no problems. Needed a rifle scope, and they had one I was looking for at a good price, so I placed a credit card order on 3/31. I provided them name, billing address, card number, expiration date and CCV for my AMEx. (This is NOT a debit card) On 4/1 I get an email saying my order is not being processed because I have to VERIFY my credit card? Is this an April Fools joke? a Phishing email? a mistake? I send a response that they have all of my information and WHY are they wanting to make an additional charge to my card, and then require me to notify them of the amount of that charge, to verify that it is really me and my card (Like I was setting up a paypal account or something), OR change the payment to PayPal. Their response 2 days later was: I apologize for the inconvenience but we need to verify your payment information prior to proceeding with your order. The full price of your order has been pre-authorized and should be listed as a pending transaction by your bank. . . . During the processing of your order, we were not able to verify the payment details and require your assistance to confirm this payment. Please review the options in the original email and let us know if you would like to proceed with the small random charge being placed or if you would prefer to replace this order using a verified PayPal account. When I ask WHY you need to verify something (that you have ALL the information to verify already) and your response is “we need to verify” then something’s up. So I finally called, and get the same script from the customer [no] service person. She has no explanation of WHY they have ALL of my credit card info, and have the payment pending with AmEx, but still require this additional verification. All she keeps saying is that it is their policy to prevent fraud. Looks like a policy to create fraud to me. I explain that I just had someone steal a check from my landlords PO Box, and use the account number and routing number to fraudulently steal from me, by setting up an account where they had small deposits made to VERIFY ownership. As such I was unwilling to participate in any such VERIFICATION program. She then informed me that she would be canceling my order and was there anything else she could do for me. I told her that I would not only never order from OpticsPlanet again, but that I would actively discourage everyone I know from doing the same based on their questionable payment policies. When I searched for complaint about OpticePlanet, I discovered that they appear to have a history of sketchy if not down right fraudulent payment processing, and I am stuck with no scope (and the competition’s sale has ended , so now I’ll have to buy elsewhere for substantially more), a AmEx bill that shows a purchase that I will never receive, and a VERY BAD TASTE IN MY MOUTH for anyone associated with Optics Planet. .

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