Orit Kasberg


Feeling stock? Experiencing social-emotional symptoms that affect your daily functioning? Depression, anxiety, social pressure, unhealthy relationship, stress, fears and etc. are all symptoms of underling issues one can experience. At times, we feel stock in a situation, we get preoccupied with the negative symptoms we experience that we fail to give ourselves the chance to heal and understand that our symptoms exist to tell us é─˙whaté─˘s happening now is not working for you.é─¨ If worked on, symptoms are temporary and serve us as alerting signals calling for attention for a change to take place. Throughout my career I have gained extensive experience working with individuals and families who suffered from mood-related disorders, social pressures, domestic violence, and adjustment to living with a chronic medical condition. I have a bacheloré─˘s degree in psychology and a masteré─˘s degree in social work with clinical concentration. My primary focus is you and your journey. Together, we will tap into your thought-process and feelings, we will explore the impact that different experiences had on you, we will define the symptoms that disturb your peace-of-mind and set goals and objectives for the healing process.

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