Orphek LED Lighting Orange Country California Review


In June 2011 I purchased an Orphek PR-156 LED Light for $799 from Orphek for my reef aquarium. After six months, one of the emitters failed. No big deal I thought, as I would send the unit in for warranty repair. That’s when I found out that Orphek is just a factory in China, and only sends replacement parts. They require the owner of the light to actually affect the repairs on complicated electronic circuit boards! To make matters worse, no one that works for Orphek appears to speak english worth a d**n! The only people I can get ahold of (Ofir and Simone) write terrible english, won’t speak on the phone, and the person who helped me with my purchase originally who was helpful and spoke english won’t answer emails anymore!The only solution I was offered to all of this was to ship the unit to CHINA, wait for it to be repaired, and have it sent back – but they wanted me to pay for that!!Orphek LED lighting and their PR156 (and other products I’m sure!) are a ripoff. No one speaks english, complete lack of warranty service, no professionalism, and they’re based ONLY out of China, with no official stores or people in the USA!!! Apparently they’ve had issues in the past because now their site has a 5 page “legal”” warranty disclaimer that’s not even valid in the USA! Don’t buy and reef aquarium LED lights from Orphek!”

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