Orwell Lodge Review


Decrepit and broken light fixtures. | Lots of damage to walls, with pieces of trim moulding left partially (not) replaced, hanging loose, not finished etc. | Patches made to walls and other areas not painted and falling apart. | Rusty metal in the showers and toilet areas. | Mostly no hot water for showers. | Showers are cleaned in a lame and useless fashion, done to appear diligent. | No soap in the dispensers. | Seems never to be any toilet paper in the toilets. | Most rooms here rely on use of the shared toilet and showers since they are not “Ensuite”. | Pieces of trim nails sticking up from the floor and the metal transition strips. | Sink area in kitchen leaks water from the faucet and sink is not attached to the counter top. | Rusty metal clamps and debris fall into the food storage areas below as well as the silverware drawer making the sink and kitchen area all but unusable. | Laceration and Tetanus hazards abound. | As does want to infect others with guest’s and staff’s poor hygiene. | Mirror (Large wall mounted) in the room is falling apart and broken and has only 2 of 4 screws intact to support it. | Door closer is partially attached and could break and impede getting out of the unit. | Windows in the unit are dry rotting and not painted for decades, panes of glass are loose and ready to fall to the street 3 floors below (or more). | Common areas have been painted but overall the rooms and showers and toilets have been left to decay in this state since my first being there circa 2012. | People smoking dope and cigarettes all the time, smoke comes into the rooms at night when you sleep.


  • Name: Orwell Lodge
  • Country: Australia
  • State: New South Wales
  • City: Potts Point
  • Address: 18 Orwell St
  • Phone: 61 2 9358 1745
  • Website: orwelllodge.com.au/

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