Outback Steakhouse York Arizona


Complaint: It is time for Outback to stop cariacturizing Australians as leather-skinned, slang-talking savages. No one in Australia says things like “bonzer”” or “”tucker””. These words are inventions of a corporate culture based on dehumanizing and denigrating Australians. As President of the Greater Arizona Australia/America Relations Council

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Address: I flew to Tampa to meet with the Outback brain trust and discuss some issues that Australo-Americans had with Outback’s portrayal of our ancient peoples. We expected to be treated with decency

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Phone: but the board was bewildered at our wearing of suits and ties and not carrying giant knives. We asked for coffee but were instead served giant steins of Foster’s and asked to lead in choruses of “”Waltzing Matilda”” and “”Tiny Kangaroo Down

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