Outsanding French Bulldog Puppies



I just wanted to let everyone know there is a puppy scam? its for French Bulldogs. and the dogs were listed on several internet pet sites: dogsnnow, hoobly etc. You will receive an email from a Margaret/Tom Packer they moved from Detroit to Vermont…The person claims he is an engineer, wife dead had bred puppies for her one male and two females from a litter of six. They as for a vanilla reload card in payment. The puppies are $500. If you went through after giving address and information.. (lucky they didn?t ask for credit or anything, banks nothing) you will receive an email from [email protected] Then the email is quite odd… a Nigerian man will call you on the phone to confirm everything… then they really get at you for the money. not like a do it later..like very impatient and pushy.
That is the warning sign. THIS IS A SCAM. Please buyer beware! Don’t make the same mistakes we did…. I demand Money Back. Stay away

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