Owners Services Department Review


Dear Duangjai, We are pleased to inform you that you now qualify to permanently eliminate all future Timeshare Maintenance Fees while still allowing you to travel to your resort. This includes but is not limited to yhour 2015 Maintenance Fee Bill. Certain restrictions will apply. Wed have attempted contacting you several times wihtout success. This may be our last attempt. Your reference number is 82973409. If we do not hear from you soon, we cannot guarantee qualification. Please call 855-306-6785 at your earliest convenience. Regards, Owner Services Department”” After receipt of the letter, I went to the web, to research, this company and to determine whether or not the letter, offer, was lagitiment; however, there appears to be no official-type website for “”Owner Services Depart,”” AKA Secured Document Services, of Washington, DC. The only results of my inquery(s), were many sites, claiming that and/or to report, that this, named organation, either does not exist, or that, the offered service(s) are nothing more than Scams. In other words, an attempt by criminals to bilk money from, well meaning but ignorant people, in, apparently, different ways. My wish it that, some enforcement agency, takes down the perpatrators, by arrest and severe prosecution. Sincerely, .

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