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Complaint: I own a 1999 Dodge pick up. I noticed that it had a leak. I took it to my mechanic for repair. He called me later that day and asked me if I was sitting down. Right then I knew I was in trouble. He said that my leak was coming from the vacuum pump and that a new gasket would solve the problem. So I asked him why I needed to sit down. He proceeded to tell me that he had contacted every auto parts dealers in town, Napa, Auto Zone, Car Quest, and Checker. He gave them the description of what he needed. Everyone of them told him that the gasket was not available. So then he called the local Chrysler dealer in town namely.Oxendale Chrysler Dodge Jeep. The sevice dept told him the same thing,..”NOT AVAILABLE””. Then he asked him if the pump could be rebuilt and was told that it could not. So then the big question of the day..””So what do you do in a case like this?”” Responce from service dept was

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Address: “”WE SELL THEM A NEW PUMP””. They quoted a price of over a thousand dollars for a new pump. My mechanic thought he would get a second opinion so he called a dealer in Phoenix and they told him the EXACT SAME THING!! I told him not to order the pump but to let me do my own search. He gave me all of the markings on the old gasket and I went straight to the internet and went on a very extensive search. After 2 hours on the computer and the telephone I was lead to a company in Houston called Absolute Seal. I told them my predicament and gave them all the markings on the gasket. Well

Website: and a huge chip on my shoulder.THIS IS AN OBVIOUS RIP OFF PLOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Curtis cottonwood

Phone: to make a long story a little bit shorter I was driving my truck 48 hours later with an $18.00 gasket

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