Oxxford Relocation Solutions Worldwide Review


Quick run down of how this nightmare works. First Oxxford will send an inspector of their own to your home. The inspector will rip your home apart to find any problems he can. Many of these so called problems involve so called safety issues which they apparently pull out of thin air. You will be required to inform your buyer of said problems and Oxxford will demand that you fix them. This set of problems cost around 20 thousand dollars to fix. You have zero leverage with the buyers agent at this point due to fixing everything they might have asked for. Then the buyer will come in with their inspector, who will of course find other things wrong and your company will be required to fix everything the first inspector might have missed. In our case another 6 thousand. They will try to convince you that they are saving you money on taxes but in our case it doesn’t even cover what they are costing us. If you refuse to fix the ridiculous things on their list they will inform your buyer that you refuse to fix them, possibly causing you to lose the sale. They then will send an inspector of their choice to reinspect your home and will not pay you until they are completed. In short this company cost us more money than they saved and caused a nightmare of paper work while doing NOTHING to actually sell our home. You have been warned.


  • Name: Oxxford Relocation Solutions Worldwide
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Atlanta
  • Address: 200 Ashford Center North Suite 340
  • Phone: 770-392-1434
  • Website: www.oxxfordrelo.com/

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