Pacific Domestic Agency Complaint


Beware of this Scam agency, in Tarzana, California. This horrible agency is owned by a mother and daughter criminal pair that hires Illegal Aliens, mostly women, to send to unsuspecting clients and scams them and robs them, the clients. Ts is a scam agency and the owners, the mother and daughter criminal team, are very dangerous. They send illegal aliens to clients who call to ask for nannies, housekeepers, and other do, estimate help. They encourage the illegal aliens to then rob the families and cause them many other problems. One of those illegal aliens is Mirian Zumba Duenas. Do NOT deal with this agency for any reason! This is the Worst agency to ever deal with. And those phony “testimonials” on their website are all FAKE testimonials that the owner Rachel and her wetback daughter wrote themselves., in order to fool propective clients.

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