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DONT USE THIS GUY SHIRDELE FOR YOUR CASE HES A LIAR AND A FAKE Tis guy specializes in fake court results. Should be investigated for lying under oaths. Seems Im not the only one that has been screwed by this ” Haji squat” acting as a lawyer. He intially seems caring and concerned and cheap but what do you get when you get a cut rate price? This guy should now be investigated by the California state authorities because he is suspected as being a phony pretend lawyer according to my new lawyer. It seems that his practice of law has just been that “PRACTICE” this guy will file anything and obviously knows nothing Shirdele lied on several court documents intentionally in my case as a plaintiff misleading the courts as an officer of the courts. These guys are supposed to at least tell the truth and apparently this guy does not know how to do that,,,he is getting caught up in this and now its time to look deeper into his personal file as no one can be this stupid………..especially one that is supposed to be an officer of the courts…according to my new guy Beware of this guy check your local refernces first before hiring a lawyer. Most of the guys in Orange County Im told are straight up lawyers..My new attorney told me to write a complaint to the state but its likely they wont do anything he says, Its like the cops being investigated by the cops. This is a buyer beware kind of thing BE CAREFUL DONT HIRE This DUDE HE’s A FAKE and practices with your money altering the real court results for his clients and then lies to you about the case results. Hes a legend in his own mind….. .

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