Pacific Wings Perry Georgia Review


Georgia Skies was flying from Macon, Georgia to Atlanta, Hartsfield airport. Made a reservation to fly from macon on the 31st of May 2013 with a return of the 9th of June 2013. Well, I found out that Georgia skies have not flown since the middle of December of 2012! Georgia Skies are not flying any more from Macon and have lost the Government Cotract to fly from Macon to Atlanta! The government has awarded the contract to Silver Airways! I have received an email from Jose Toledo reginal Manager Southeast, Silver Airways that said that they are not honoring Georgia skies Tickets and that I should start processing a refund for the tickets. I contacted Expedia, they supposedly tried to get a refund but Georgia Skies said they would give a voucher only for flights from other areas. Supposedly a non refundable tickets. What a crock!!! I live 30 miles south of Macon, Georgia! Georgia Skies don’t fly any where close to us. Needless to say even “IF”” I could use the vouchers

it would be useless and would be only good to Janusry 2014! I could see it if they were flying out of Macon and I was cancelling but they are not even flying out of Macon. They must have known that they were not but made out like they were!!! It really irks me to know that Georia skies want to do is rip me off!!!!!”

p. o. box 20280, Macon, Georgia United States of America


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