Palila Butler South Philly Pennsylvania


Complaint: I was approached by this young lady on an internet dating site. Right off she asked for an email so we could chat without going thru the dating site ( yeah because the next day she was kicked off ) Almost immediately and without me even asking she came out with she doesnt have a phone, it fell in the water, she doesnt have a laptop so if she doesnt answer right away its her old school Dell PC. HEY ! I got a Dell PC ! I smelled a request for cash coming so I played along. Sure enough, she wants to come visit but doesnt have the money to renew her passport. I asked how much, “$100usd OR her “”friend”” can expedite it in one day for $400 !”” I checked. ( Actual cost 72.5 pounds and no one day service is available. ) I asked to see her passport

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: ( doesnt have one

Website: I asked her address

Phone: its expired ) I asked for a drivers license ( doesn’t drive )

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