Palm Beach Kidz Benton Arkansas Review


I placed an order for a custom outfit for my granddaughter that never came. After numerous attempts to get a response I finally began posting on her Facebook wall and finally got an answer from her. She said she would credit my Paypal account but was going to ship the item anyway due to the long delay. She then gave me a tracking number and said it had shipped. I thanked her profusely thinking that despite my frustration she was finally going to do the right thing. After still not receiving my order I checked the tracking number and it was not even for my order… was all a lie. Now she will not respond to me and when I finally began to post on her Facebook wall to see why I had not gotten it (since this is the only way I ever got her to respond) she deletes it. I have sent email messages over and over….no response. I cannot find an address or phone number so it must be an on line business only. I have a friend who ordered at the same time and she is experiencing the same problem… merchandise and no response.

Opa Locka, Florida United States of America

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