Pam Geldart Daytona Beach Florida


Complaint: 5/10/2011 11pm Tuesday Corky Bells restaurant owner generously provided security video of enraged, disorderly Pamela K. Geldart punching Barton Christner three times on the left of his head, while he sat calmly on a bench. Pam Geldart proceeded then to smash Mr. Christner’s MacBook Pro and Cameras worth thousands. Putnam County Deputy Roberts overheard Pam Geldart screaming “Who are they gonna believe

Tags: Criminal Justice System

Address: he hit me!”” but video forced her confession. Deputy Roberts charged Pamela K. Geldart for Criminal Mischief (case# 11-3499). 5/11/2011 10am Wednesday Pamela K. Geldart purchased a $2300 replacement MacBook for Mr. Christner

Website: malicious and vindictive

Phone: to subsequently have dropped her Putnam Criminal charge against her. 5/12/2011 11pm Thursday Ms. Pamela K. Geldart drunken

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