Panacea Scientific Grafton Massachusetts


Complaint: I was surfing the web when an unscolicited pop up ad appeared. The product was allegedly a supplement that could naturally lower your blood sugar. My understanding from the ad was that I would pay 4.95 and receive one bottle of the supplement. I would also be entered into a monthly automatic shipping and automatic debit of my bank card every 25 days, but if I cancelled with the company within 30 days I would not be involved in the automatic shipping or further product. I received my bottle of GC7X (the actual product is called Emulin) and was surprised to see another charge of 39.95 on my bank statement a few days later. I called the website but was told “I’m just an answering agent but I can take your name and number”” but no one called back. I was given a fraudulent number to call who told me they were a Weight Loss company that was unrelated. Then I called the number inside my package in South Portland

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Address: Maine. Apparently they work for Panacea Scientific and pack and ship product. They told me I was cancelled but have still not sent a simple email so I can have it in writing. I was told “”you only paid a portion”” and that I could return the product but had to do so within a few days

Website: which I have not received yet

Phone: which I could not do because I was sick. Also I would need to pay for the return shipping and for a restocking fee. I know there are laws about refusing product when it’s not what was advertised

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