I reached out because I was looking for a receipt, instead I rec’dthe below but Ibeleive they are scammers: | Note?this email is only for outgoing mail and do not accept incoming mail or reply back to this email address. if you need to contact us concerning your order please forward all your order confirmation information and the title of email : as the same as title of this email only to our customer service center : [email protected] | Thanks for your order, you have succeeded in paying for it! This email contains important information regarding your recent purchaseľ please save it for references. | Transaction No.: Dh180203-006 Serial ID(60672): GL018020322314110580850 Transaction Amount: USD 49.37 | Transaction Date : 03 Feb 2018 GMT Description on your billing statement by : Gpay*e-supporting ?Please kindly note the billing information here is just as a unified payee’s name for us which will be shown on your billing statement, Please refer to the website you placed this order for the actual transaction. If any mismatched information you received ,please feel free to contact us.) Note:Since there are exchange conversion, cross-border fees (Charged by issuing bank) and etc., there is a difference between the actual charge and transaction amount, and the proportion will be depending on the bank. Regarding to the shipping information, it will be sent automatically to your mailbox. If there’s any question about the ship date,order quality,cancellations,etc. we suggest you to send inquiries to our after-sales customer service directly to save your time(there is always an email address/”contact us” button on the website), If you couldn’t get a reply from them in time, kindly feel free to contact us based on THIS email,it is easier for our action.


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