Paradise resorts and accomodations Nemiscau Quebec Review


I attended the victoria day festival in Ottawa, Ontario. There was this ballot box to enter to win a vacation and other stuff in front of the entrance. Couple days later my sister recieved a call from paradise resorts, they asked her questions since she wasnt over the age of 25 and didnt have a credit card. They told her she didnt qualify. I received the same phone call from a lady named kristina lacroune and asked me the same questions. I qualified. but 1 thing bothered me but didnt really thinked about it. They said it was a 1 time call but they been trying to call me from different numbers: 954-589-2131, 954-744-4222, 202-239-6000, 954-374-9082, 954-589-2133, 954-744-4248, 954-374-8580, 727-399-7952, 954-391-8769, 954-589-2134, 954-589-2135. At that time i was shocked. I thought i really won something but why did they want my credit card info, as shocked and happy as i was i gave it to them. I thought this would never happened to me but it did. I tried calling them back with the number they gave me to call back 1-888-871-6461, to my surprise noone ever answered. I kept calling back but no answer still. so i decided to call one of the numbers they been calling from, it took me awhile but one of them finally answered one of the numbers they been trying to call from. I told them i decided to cancel my vacation package. and asked why? I told them my reason and they put me on hold for awhile. And they gave me the customer service number 1-877-921-2280 to call and cancel my transaction and give me my money back. I did call and this lady susan answers and i go in the same process why i want to cancel my vacation package, she tells me that someone will call you back. Well i received a call back. This guy by the name of David Crane tries to help me and says he doesnt see my name and info. The name sounded familiar from the research i did on the number 1-888-871-6461. scams from that number and a couple of names came up and he was one of them. I told him your name sounds familiar from the research i did. your one of names that scam ppl. Im sure that wasnt really his name but i would recognize his voice if i ever hear him again. anyways back to the person i talked to, he tells me this isnt paradise resorts. My companys name is discount world adventure. on your credit card transaction it would say discount world adventure and there will be a phone # beside it. This is when i realized there trying to go circles on me. I know i wont get through with these ppl so i decided to get help and if others are out there Please report these companies and try to get our money back.

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