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Complaint: A pop up offered to renew Pareto Logic computer security software for $39.95, but went to $29.95 with mail-in rebate. Wow. Ok. So I pay for it, print off the form, and mail it in like a month ago. Today I get an email that I did not include the receipt, so they can’t process my claim. What? How did I get the rebate form in the first place? They provided it after I paid the renewal fee. The 10 bucks isn’t the point. These guys are disreputable and I am going to delete their crap from my computer and get something from a reputable vendor. Would highly recommend deleting anything from them. I got in with them a few years ago for on-line computer help, and they hustled me into paying a monthly fee as they tranferred me around, and I never did get any help.

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